Mo-Kan Central Recovery
The Professional Recovery Agency
We offer skiptracing, privately secured lot, locksmithing and national referral service. For 30 years, Mo-Kan has been insured, licensed and bonded. We have a fleet of tow trucks and experienced staff covering Missouri and Kansas. We have numerous workstations along with remote office links by way of the Internet. Each Adjuster is in direct communication by way of Internet.

Recovery Database Network, aka RDN, is the system we use in our office. RDN allows us, the adjusters and clients to have account access 24/7 via internet. Our adjusters have laptops in their vehicles so they can be updated at all times. We have a fleet of trucks that include wheel lifts and a rollback. Enclosed, we have copies of our insurance and bond. 
The RDN program is also partnered with the company Digital Recognition Network aka DRN. This company has camera cars that drive around several cities in the United States and record license plates. If a client is a global client and has the tag numbers in the system, this tag will pop up on the RDN system notifying the client that DRN knows the location of the vehicle for which they are looking. The client can purchase the information and have their repossession company in that area pick up the unit. 
We are members of DRN and have our own camera car that has been driving around the Kansas City area recording license plates. 
We have over 250,000 plates recorded so far.  If we have an order in our system for one of our clients or global clients, it will send us an email that we have spotted the license plate and the location. 

Our current recovery rate of 2010 is 76% one of the highest in industry.


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Toll Free Number: 1-800-821-6637